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Think you're good at multi-tasking? Put it to the test! 

Navigate multiple suburban race tracks, and complete multiple challenges without scratching your new ride.

You play as a teenager who just received their first car as a gift from their mom. It isn't perfect, but it's yours and your key to adulthood! The only problem: You are very easily distracted, and you're not the best driver either. 

Protect your new ride as you traverse 10 levels across the suburban sprawl, while dealing with distractions that block your view! Protect your new car at all costs, or your parents are totally going to kill you.


Included separately is a guidebook to allow you to incorporate this game into your classroom! Teach your students the dangers of distracted driving in a way they can experience, rather than through a lecture. 

The guidebook will provide research and sources, an IT guide, and suggested talking points to allow you to stimulate conversation and provide context through game-based learning. The game itself is absolutely free and is playable in-browser, so the cost of the guidebook is just for the educational materials to make incorporating the game into your classroom quick and easy!

This game is free to play, but please consider donating! 


Steer Left/Right

Left & Right Arrow | "A" & "D"


Up Arrow "W"


Space Bar

Toggle Full Screen


(Windows version only)

Quit Game


(Windows version only)



Art and Programming: Heather Clark - @DeprecatGames

Music: Komiku -


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It's a funny idea for a driving game. However, I'm glad that changing radio station while driving is not this hard in real life. Multitasking the car and the task at hand is difficult when you can't see which way the car is going. I like the visual style, especially the animations the game has.

I'd like to invite this game to our Game Development World Championship!